Butter in Coffee: The Many Benefits of This New Weight Loss Trend

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There’s a new trend emerging that will change the way you drink coffee. Hollywood elite stars are raving about the great benefits of this coffee. Butter in Coffee is now replacing your normal routine of adding creamer and sugar to your average cup of joe, and surprisingly it has many health benefits and a new weight loss trend. Making it the holy grail for weight loss, even celebs drink it every morning.


“I start almost every day with something called Bulletproof Coffee,” Divergent star Shailene Woodley told reporters. (source: people.com)

This new trend is also highly known by the name Bulletproof coffee. By placing butter in your coffee you are placing fats in your drink thus, increasing your energy, your body’s digestion system, brain ability and creating an increase in your overall performance. To achieve the maximum results you would drink the coffee in the morning as a replacement to your breakfast. The drink will then keep you full throughout the day.

“Lightening up your coffee with a little cream and sugar is so 2013. Those on-trend are instead blending their morning cup with a serving of butter.” – Ed Sheeran to the players on the L.A. Lakers (source: Huffingtonpost)


Dave Asprey is the founder and CEO of the multi-million dollar company Bulletproof. Dave is a New York Times bestselling author for his book The Bulletproof Diet, he has lost 100 pounds without exercise and counting calories. He has even stated that his IQ level has gone up over 150, he has gotten the best sleep in his life and has become not only an entrepreneur but a better husband and father.

Although, he didn’t completely come up with the idea of adding butter to coffee he has brought light to the many benefits of it and create the name of this trend Bulletproof. He also sells coffee products online. His coffee product consists of black ungraded coffee that is blended with “Brain Octane oil” and grass-fed butter. Brain Octane oil is an a product fully designed by Dave and is 18 times more powerful than coconut oil.

  So what’s the Deal with Butter In Coffee?

Bulletproof, is the cure for your feelings of being foggy, tired and cranky in the mornings and that mid afternoon crash everyone gets with long days. Not only will the coffee keep you energized and moving throughout your day but it will also shave off the pounds and keep you feeling and looking years younger.


“Better focus, fewer cravings, and improved metabolism, says Jeffrey Gladd, MD, an integrative doc who’s lost 13 pounds of body fat (and his brain fog) since sipping. Concerned about the saturated fat? “Data from the past several years has largely vindicated it,” says Gladd. “The bigger threats seem to be sugar and refined carbs.” (Even so, those with acid reflux and high blood pressure should probably steer clear.)” – (source: prevention.com)

Don’t be fooled by butter in coffee, it may sound gross or unhealthy but the benefits are extraordinary! I first want to make it clear that you should not fear butter. Not all butters are created equal. In this case you want to use grass-fed butter in your drink. This is because the butter you find in grocery store are normally from cows who are on an unhealthy diet of corn or soy fed, which is not a normal diet for cows. It is used because soy and corn are both cheap and filling. Cows are not meant to digest these foods and it causes them to create milk with bad fats that you don’t want to consume and have in your body.

Grass-fed cows produces the best milk, thus creating the best butter to consume. These are the good fats you can have in your body that will actually help keep you healthy. It regulates your cholesterol, rather than adding to it. Grass-fed butter will even help reduce body fat, due to the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. Conjugated Linoleic Acid also known as CLA is found in grass-fed butter which is found to reduce fat on especially in individuals who are overweight. It is even an excellent source of vitamin A and K2. These healthy fats are important for not only your body but brain as well by creating cell walls and hormones. Even your risk of getting heart disease reduces.

By drinking butter in coffee each morning your body goes into a routine to burn fat all day. It will give you the energy and increase your cognitive functions so you can perform at your fullest potential without a crash. By adding healthy fats from coconut oil this drink is the boost you need for hours. This drink in and of itself will replace your breakfast altogether. Great for individuals on the go and if you find that coffee is just not giving you the energy you’re looking for. This is the recipe you want to try.

When To Drink

To get the most energy out of this drink, you should drink it in the mornings, it’s a great meal replacement to breakfast. Making it great for people on the go. Butter in coffee is a high performance energy drink with essential fats and calories, making it much better than a carbohydrate or sugary breakfast choice like oatmeal and/or cereal. Having it in the mornings will give you the energy to last throughout your busy day at work or at school. With up to 6 hours without the awful crash, that most energy drinks give you.

Dace Asprey states, “It makes for the creamiest, most satisfying cup of coffee you’ve ever had.” (source: bulletproof.com)


  • 1 Tbsp of Grass-Fed Butter or Goat Butter
  • 1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil
  • 1 Cup of hot fresh brewed organic coffee
  • (Optional) Add in any spices, flavors or sweeteners of your choice.

How To

  • Step 1: Brew

The first step is making the coffee. Brew any coffee of your choice as you normally would.

  • Step 2: Add

Add the butter and coconut oil into your coffee.

  • Step 3: Blend

Blend ingredients together by user either a handheld blender or a normal blender for 10 seconds. Make sure to blend until there is a thick layer of foam on top of your drink. It should look similar to a latte. Keep in mind that using a spoon won’t work well. You want to blend the ingredients together.

  • Step 4: Flavor (Optional)

Add in any flavor you like, such as cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, chocolate, etc. (Read our post we wrote to create yummy different types of drinks to make)

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  • Step 5: Enjoy!

You will begin to feel the effects of this high performance drink. You will almost feel as if you’re having a cheat meal.

Nutrition Facts

Based on 1 Cups of Bulletproof Coffee – Nutrition Facts from Under Armor MyFitnessPal

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.33.09 AM

Don’t Make These Mistakes

  • Be sure to use grass-fed butter, rather than butter found in grocery stores. These butter are from cows that have eaten soy or any other grains that are not meant for a cow to digest. It also does not blend well and will give your drink a not so good taste because it lacks fat soluble vitamins. You also want to stay away from low-fat butter substitute.
  • By not adding oil to your coffee it will just taste ok. To fully gain the high energy, fat loss you’re looking for you want to make sure you add the oil into your drink. It will not only make you feel better and lose weight but it will make your coffee taste better in your mouth
  • Be sure to know that all coffee are not made the same. The wrong type of coffee will make your energy low and cause you to have sugar cravings. The mycotoxins in the coffee are to blame for this.
  • Keep in mind that this drink is only a breakfast meal replacement. Replacing all your meals with this drink is not recommended. You still need to get other essential vitamins and minerals found in other types of foods.

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This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions about your medical condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking advice or treatment because of something you have read here.

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