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Barista is an up and coming profession. Many people think it is just a job for someone who did not go to college or they are still in high school, but it is much more then that. Your baristas are people that you should respect. They are the ones who get you up and going in the morning when they make you your coffee. Many do not realize what really goes into being a barista. The pressure of making sure you have it done quick enough so you do not have mad customers and the fact of having to remember how you make every single drink is not as easy as some may think.

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Not really into going to college? Then go to barista school! You can get certificates for the levels of your barista skills. You meet other people who love to do what you do. You learn to improve you skills and learn new things you may have not of known about. Most people get on the job training when they become a barista. You can become just as good as a barista without the schooling. The schooling just enhances your skills.


A great thing about being a barista is you get to make peoples mornings. These people are spending on you to get their day started. They depend on you to make it possible for them to function. Another great thing is seeing new people everyday. At the same time you love your regulars too. Memorizing their order just shows how much you take into job. As much as you try though, some people will just still not be satisfied with what you did for them. This part of the job makes it difficult sometimes to keep going back. All you can do though is put on a smile and keep being the awesome barista that you are!


The smell of coffee is enough to get anyone excited. Imagine working around the smell of it all day. Your hair will probably even start to smell like a fresh cup of coffee. Having the smell of coffee surrounded by you at work all day will help you keep going. You will feel energized from just the scent of it, and with the help of a cup of coffee of course.


People drink coffee all around the world. With this being said, this means they need baristas all over the world. Being a barista you have the oppurtunity to live all around the world. What is better than having an open book of options to live. You never have to stay in just one spot. You and your barista skills will be needed anywhere you go.


Being a barista gives you a chance to be creative. Coffee is a form of art. You can turn a plain thing of coffee into a beautiful creation. When it is a little slow at work, start experimenting. Try to put together new drinks and see what you come up with. If you make the new drink that is selling out, you have a barista gift. Experimenting is a cool way to see what you can whip together. You may be amazed with what you come up with.

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