Pros and Cons of a Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

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The Keurig single cup coffee maker is a single serve coffee machine that uses a K-cup pod to make coffee. Each pod holds a single serving of coffee grounds that turns into brew in under a minute. It uses a concept that is similar to that of drip-style brewing, but the technology of the Keurig is far more sophisticated.

The Keurig is popular in residential and commercial settings. Survey reveals that one out of three Americans uses the Keurig. Coffee lovers from around the country have already replaced the traditional coffee maker in their home with the Keurig machine. Most people love it while others think it’s not a worthy investment. If you are considering getting a Keurig single cup coffee maker, we urge you to read on. Here, we did a roundup of some of the pros and cons of a Keurig. Hopefully, this guide will help you make a more informed decision as to whether or not it is the right fit for you.

Keurig single cup coffee maker

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In today’s busy, fast-paced world, a lot of people are looking for things that will make life a bit easier. Convenience is one of the biggest selling points of the Keurig coffee machine. If you are someone who seems to be running late in the morning, then the Keurig will be right up your alley. All you need to do is to pop a tiny plastic cup into the machine and push the button. There is no need to measure coffee and make a mess in the kitchen. Your coffee will be ready in less than a minute, no work or mess involved.

Not only does it allow you to make coffee in an instant, it also brews directly into a cup or a travel mug. Plus, you can also be sure that you’ll get good tasting coffee every time. In fact, it is virtually impossible to make bad coffee with this machine.

Fresh coffee

For coffee lovers, drinking a cup of fresh, delicious coffee is one of the biggest pleasures in life. Freshness is one of the main benefits of a Keurig coffee machine.

There is nothing worse than old coffee. But since it would be a waste to throw out a pot of perfectly good brew, most people would leave it on the counter so they can heat it and drink it later. This, however, will leave you with a cold pot of bitter, tasteless sludge. A Keurig single cup coffee maker offers fresh coffee anytime. That means you can enjoy a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee whenever you want. With this machine, you will no longer have to deal with a stale-tasting brew ever again.

Less waste

Typically, coffee drinkers will make a pot of coffee in the morning before heading to work. A pot of coffee sounds like a good idea if you are a family of coffee drinkers. But if you live alone, then you’ll come home to a pot of coffee that has been sitting there for several hours. This is typically poured down the drain, which translates to a huge amount of wasted coffee every day.

The K cup coffee maker allows you to brew one cup at a time. This way, you no longer have to make an entire pot of coffee and then pour the remainder down the drain; thus, allowing you to save money in the long run.


Coffee is usually the first word that comes to mind when someone says Keurig. But the Keurig isn’t only limited to making coffee. In fact, the Keurig single cup coffee allows users to make a large variety drinks. You can make decaf coffee, flavored coffee, hot teas, hot chocolate, lemonade or any type of beverage you want with this machine. Coffee lovers will also be happy to know that the K cups are available in just about any type of coffee they prefer – no matter the blend, roast or origin.

Did you know that you can even make soup with your handy dandy Keurig? In 2013, Keurig has partnered with Campbell’s to create K-cups of soup.  Instead of coffee grinds, you get a K-cup filled with broth flavoring. Unfortunately, the company decided to discontinue the K cup soups in 2016 since the product did not perform to their expectations.


Not environmentally friendly

If the majority of your coffee comes from a Keurig machine, then you’re not doing the environment any favor. The coffee pods, which are used to make coffee, are mostly unrecyclable. Since the majority of the American adult population drinks about 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day, these coffee pods are taking more and more space in landfills.


The Keurig single cup coffee maker will initially cost you about $150. Although it isn’t that expensive, you will realize how costly they are to use once you factor in the cost of the coffee pods.

Studies suggest that the average cup of Keurig coffee will cost you $0.66; whereas, a regular cup of coffee only costs $0.28. This clearly shows that the K cups cost 2 to 3 times more as compared to traditionally brewed coffee. If you usually drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day,  going the old-fashioned route will help you save as much as $400 per year.

Considering the amount of money you can save with traditionally brewed coffee, the K cup coffee maker is certainly not a great choice for penny-pinching individuals. The good news is that you’ll still end up with hundreds of extra dollars in your pocket by using a Keurig rather than buying coffee at Starbucks every day.

Lower quality coffee

If you are someone who prefers a cup of strong, rich coffee, then the Keurig single cup coffee maker may not be the right choice for you. Although the K cups make good tasting coffee, they don’t have a very high concentration of caffeine. This could be a downside to individuals who prefer coffee with an intense, rich, and robust flavor.

Avid coffee drinkers know the recipe for making those full-bodied brews. They are fully aware of the importance of brew times, water temperature, and coffee bean quality in coffee. They know that cafe-quality coffee that balances bitterness, sweetness, and acidity cannot be achieved by a push-button machine. The Keurig doesn’t make the best coffee possible, but it will definitely make a decent cup of coffee with minimal fuss.

If you are planning to buy a Keurig single cup coffee maker, but you’re clueless as to what model to get, we suggest that you check out our list of the Top 5 Best Keurig Coffee Maker of 2018.

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