Cold Brew Coffee Drinks You Can Make This Summer

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Coffee has been a mainstay in the American culture since its inception. The warm, inviting beverage is a main staple in the American diet. Often, you’ll find people brewing up coffee be it in the morning, noon or night. But on a scorching summer day, many of you will probably think twice about grabbing a cup of coffee. If you need an energy boost during the mid-afternoon, it might be best to just grab a cold brew coffee than steaming cup of joe.

Cold brew coffee shouldn’t be confused with blended drinks or iced coffee. While cold brew is, well, cold, it’s not as simple as adding ice to hot coffee. The beverage is made by soaking coffee beans in cold water, and then, leaving it to steep for 18 to 24 hours. Once it’s done, they’ll pour the liquid through a cheese cloth, mesh or filter to get rid of the larger grounds. Since the process doesn’t involve heat, you are only brewing the caffeine, as well as the chocolaty and fruity notes, but not the bitter notes. The result is a sweet, rich cup of coffee. You can drink it as is or dilute it with water or milk.

Since it takes more time to make, cold brew drinks are usually sold at a higher price. Luckily, you don’t need to line up and waste money on Starbucks every day to get your caffeine fix. It’s easy to make at home.

Here are 5 drinks you can make at home this summer.

Irish Cold Brew Coffee

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Irish coffee is a cocktail that consists of hot coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey, and topped with thick cream. Originally, this drink was created to help keep a group of American passengers warm. But with the rising temperature, you need to a drink that will help you cool down. This is a great beverage to will help you get through the summer heat.

To make this beverage, you need 6 shots of cold coffee, ½ shot of heavy cream, 1 shot of simple syrup, 2 shots of Iris whiskey, and 2 dashes of vanilla extract. Add all the ingredients, along with some ice cubes into a cocktail shaker and start shaking. Really put some muscle into it. Once done, pour the drink into a glass. Float cold cream gently on top and enjoy. You can also top it off with nutmeg if you want. Not only will the drink look pretty; it will taste better too.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

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Vietnamese coffee is done by letting coffee drip from a stainless steel cup. We’re assuming that most of you don’t have one. For a richer, more flavorful cup of joe, we recommend that you use cold brew for this recipe.

Vietnamese coffee gets its creamy texture and distinctive flavor form sweetened condensed milk. Start by adding two tablespoons of condensed milk into a tall glass. You are free to use more or less, depending on your taste.  Then, pour the coffee and add a few ice cubes to your coffee concoction. Finally, stir to combine the ingredients.

Cold brew coffee is strong by nature. But if you’re worried that the ice cubes will water down everything, we suggest that you freeze some of the coffee into ice cubes and use them on your drink. You might want to fill your ice tray with coffee before you go to bed, so you won’t have to settle for watered down coffee again.

Chocolate Almond Milk Coffee

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Almond milk is all the rage right now. It is low in calories, dairy-free, and is high in protein. For those who prefer not to drink dairy milk, almond milk would serve as a great alternative. According to baristas, it’s as easy to work with as cow’s milk. So, we put it to the test by adding it to our coffee, and it’s actually good.

To make chocolate almond milk, simply add unsweetened cocoa milk to almond milk, then refrigerate. Pour cold brew coffee into a glass and then add the chilled chocolate almond milk. Lastly, top with some cocoa. That unsweetened cocoa gives an extra punch of antioxidants. Pop in a straw and enjoy.

This drink is a coffee lover’s life and a chocolate lover’s delight. The end result is creamy, chocolaty drink that is packed with a good punch of coffee flavor.

Toasted Coconut Cold Brew Coffee

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Just a few months ago, Starbucks released a new iced coffee drink with a tropical twist. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the Toasted Coconut Cold Brew. The drink was introduced just in time for the warm weather, and people can’t get enough of it.

The natural sweetness of coconut complements with the chocolate notes of coffee. These two ingredients work so well together, you can see why a lot of people are going gaga over it. It may take a while to make, but every sweet, rich sip is so worth it. We’re warning you now, it’s seriously addictive.

To make this drink, you first need to make the toasted coconut syrup. Start by toasting some shredded coconut in the oven. Now, combine water and sugar in a sauce pan and simmer over medium heat. Remove the syrup from the heat and add the toasted coconut. Set aside and let it cool for about 30 minutes. To make the drink, get a tall glass and fill it with coffee and ice. Finally, add some coconut syrup and top with a splash of coconut milk. Enjoy!

Nitro Cold Brew

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You probably won’t be able to re-create this drink at home, but it’s so interesting that we decided to include it on the list. Its name sounds more like a turbo boost in Fast and the Furious than a drink at your local coffee shop.

The drink is made of cold coffee that came straight from the tap. It’s also infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles that have a direct effect on the taste and texture of the beverage. The result is smooth, creamy, cold coffee. It is extra smooth and looks a little like a Guinness. In order to enjoy a glass of nitro coffee, we suggest that you make your way to your local coffee shop.

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