Proper Coffee Storage: Is it Okay to Store Coffee Beans in the Freezer?

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Coffee is perishable. It starts to lose its aroma, flavor and freshness almost immediately once you open its package. To enjoy the best possible coffee at home, proper coffee storage is a must.

Nothing is better than drinking freshly brewed coffee. If you’re a coffee lover, then you probably look forward to starting your day with a rich, steaming cup of coffee. As such, you owe it to yourself to store your coffee beans properly. Proper coffee storage will help keep your coffee beans fresher for longer; hence, allowing you to make rich, delicious coffee every single day.

We have our own ways of storing coffee. You have probably heard about storing them in the freezer. People have been doing this for so long. But ever since specialty coffee rose into popularity, this has been a topic of furious debate amongst coffee experts. So, the question is, is it okay to store coffee beans in the freezer? Or is it a bad idea? Read on to find out.

Proper coffee storage

Is it okay to store coffee beans in the freezer?

Some people would store the coffee beans in the freezer in the hopes of maximizing the beans’ freshness for longer. However, this isn’t a good option for coffee lovers who brew coffee on a daily basis.

Proper coffee storage means keeping your coffee beans off of light, heat, and moisture. Heat kills coffee, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should store it in a freezing environment. As mentioned earlier, moisture is also bad for your coffee. If you drink coffee regularly, then you’ll have to take the coffee in and out of the freezer. This will create temperature fluctuations, which can cause moisture. Small microbeads of moisture will develop in just a matter of minutes. Putting it back in the fridge will only make matter worse. Your coffee beans will turn bad really quickly and the taste will fade.

If you want to brew the best coffee possible, we suggest that you keep the coffee beans out of the freezer and learn about proper coffee storage instead.

When is it okay to store coffee beans in the freezer?

As a coffee fanatic, you probably get too excited when shopping for whole coffee beans. You can’t help but purchase a big batch of coffee or try a variety of different roasts. That’s understandable. However, coffee gets stale overtime, so it is not a good to buy it in bulk. Only buy the right amount, so you can consume it fresh. But if you did, then storing it in the freezer may be a viable option.

Before storing the coffee bean in the freezer, pop the coffee beans in an airtight jar or container to ensure your beans’ frozen integrity. Some people say it is okay to use a Ziploc, but we do not agree. Ziploc is a plastic, and most plastics tend to absorb the aromatics and volatile compounds of coffee. Plus, it does not provide effective oxygen seals. The aroma will disappear quickly because it will be absorbed and pass through the plastic. Placing the beans in an airtight container is the proper coffee storage technique. When packed this way, your coffee can last for about a month. This is a great option for those who are looking for a way to save their coffee beans for later. Be sure to use the coffee beans within this time frame. Anything more than this, your coffee beans will be useless.

When freezing your coffee, make sure that you divide up your coffee into daily portions, especially if you drink coffee every day. If you take the coffee beans out of the freezer and put the remaining back, condensation may form on the container. This is something you want to avoid since moisture kills coffee.

Proper coffee storage

Proper coffee storage - airtight containers

Coffee tends to lose its flavor and aroma once the coffee package has been opened. Once those beans get in contact with oxygen in the air, the coffee soluble start to degrade and oxidize. As a result, the coffee beans may smell different and lose its flavor almost immediately. This is the reason why roasters package their coffee beans in vacuum-sealed container – to lock in the freshness of the beans.

As a coffee lover, the sight of coffee beans in your kitchen may be a sight to behold. Lining up jars of coffee beans may be nice to look at, but you shouldn’t place them in a clear canister. Moisture, air, light, and heat are some of the biggest enemies of coffee beans. Humid environment encourages bacterial growth. Heat causes coffee molecules to move and break apart. Light breaks down organic cell structures.

If you do place them in a clear container, and line them up on the kitchen shelves, you run the risk of your precious coffee beans going stale. You wouldn’t want to drink coffee that taste sour or bitter, wouldn’t you?

How to properly store coffee beans

Proper coffee storage will help keep its flavor and aroma longer.  In order to preserve the fresh, roasted flavor of the coffee beans, we suggest that you store them in an opaque, airtight container at room temperature. Placing coffee in an airtight container will reduce the flow of oxygen; hence, retaining the flavor and aroma of your coffee beans. Also, make sure that you keep it away from the heat, light, and moisture.

While proper coffee storage does help keep your coffee beans fresher, we can’t stop the damaging effects of time. That said, avoid buying coffee beans in bulk. Whenever possible, limit your purchase to a week’s worth of coffee.

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