8 Refreshing Iced Coffee Recipes You Can Make at Home

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Coffee is an all-season drink. Most people would drink coffee no matter what time of the day it is or how hot or cold the weather is. However, consuming hot beverages can add heat to the body. With the summer heat, a cup of piping hot coffee will only make you sweat. If you need that jolt of caffeine, you may want to give iced coffee a try. Luckily, there are lots of iced coffee recipes out there to help you stay cool this summer.

Nothing beats the iced coffee from your local coffee shop. But  a daily trip to the coffee shop can put a dent on your budget. Why would spend a huge sum of money on coffee when you can make it at home?

In this blog post, we have put together some iced coffee recipes that you can make at home. These refreshing iced coffee recipes are delicious, budget-friendly and easy to do. Now, you can go back to guzzling down your favorite beverage with reckless abandon.

Creamy cookie dough iced coffee

Iced coffee recipes: Creamy cookie dough iced coffee

This beverage is a cross between coffee and milkshake. It is thicker than regular iced coffee and contains little bits of cookie and chocolate that lurks at the bottom of the glass. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

If you need a jumpstart to your day, there is no better way to do it than with a glass of creamy cookie dough iced coffee. Use this recipe to make this sweet treat.

Salted caramel iced coffee

Iced coffee recipes: Salted caramel iced coffee

For many of us, a steaming cup of coffee is a must to get us through the day. But in the heat of the summer, drinking a cup of piping hot coffee won’t do you any favor.

A glass of salted caramel iced coffee will not only keep you energized, it will also help you cool off this summer. It tastes good, and surely be a favorite in the warmer months. Plus, it’s really easy to make. Get the recipe here.

Peppermint mocha coffee frappuccino

Iced coffee recipes: Peppermint mocha coffee frappuccino

If you’re looking for iced coffee recipes to use up that leftover coffee, then this one is for you.

Peppermint and chocolate is a great combination, but so is coffee and peppermint. If you haven’t tried this combination, now is the best time to do so. It produces a far from basic taste. It may even be better than your favorite version from Starbucks. Make your own peppermint mocha coffee frappe with this easy, delicious recipe.

Blended iced cappuccino

Iced coffee recipes: Blended iced cappuccino

Many coffee aficionados order cappuccino every time they drop by their favorite coffee shop. With the scorching heat of summer, you may want to try drinking it cold. This is a tasty summertime drink that offers a stronger espresso flavor. You may also add some cream for some extra richness.

A glass of blended iced cappuccino is all you need to start your day on a sweet note. This beverage will give you an extra jolt of energy while cooling you down. This blended iced cappuccino recipe is so good and so addicting. Make sure that you have a blender that can handle a lot of ice.

Nutella-blended iced coffee

Iced coffee recipes: Nutella-blended iced coffee

Nutella is a weakness mine. When combined with coffee, it produces something magical. This beverage is probably more of a dessert than coffee, but who cares? It tastes so good. Plus, the hazelnut flavor in Nutella adds a unique flavor to the regular coffee-chocolate combo. Click here to get the recipe.

Vietnamese iced coffee

Iced coffee recipes: Vietnamese iced coffee

Vietnamese coffee is both strong and sweet. It’s also extremely easy to make. This coffee beverage only requires a couple of ingredients, namely coffee and condensed milk. It may seem weird, but condensed milk will add creamy sweetness to your drink without overpowering the coffee.

If you’ve never tried Vietnamese iced coffee, we encourage you to give this recipe a try and whip yourself some. Serve it on a hot summer day or as an evening treat.

Toasted marshmallow iced coffee recipes

Toasted marshmallow iced coffee

Coffee and marshmallow is like food porn in a glass. This beverage is creamy and chocolatey. Most importantly, it has caffeine. The addition of toasted marshmallow makes it extra special. It’s like a caffeinated S’more in a glass. This is one of those iced coffee recipes everyone will surely enjoy. Get the recipe here.

Iced bulletproof coffee

Iced bulletproof coffee

If you’re on keto diet and you are trying to lose weight, you may be in search of iced coffee recipes that are low carb, free, and will keep you satiated for hours. If so, then this iced bulletproof coffee recipe may be just what you need.

For this recipe, you’ll be using heavy whipping cream and MCT oil to create the creamy, fatty aspect. MCT oil will is a concentrated fat source that will create energy, making it easier to get into and stay in ketosis.

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