When was Black Rifle Coffee founded?

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Welcome to the world of Black Rifle Coffee, where the beans are strong and the guns are even stronger. If you’re a fan of coffee and firearms, this is the place for you. But for those of you who may be new to the brand, let’s dive into the history of Black Rifle Coffee and how it came to be the bad-ass coffee company it is today.

The Founders of Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee was founded by Evan Hafer, a former Green Beret, and Mat Best, a former Army Ranger. These two warriors-turned-entrepreneurs saw a need for a coffee company that not only provided a high-quality cup of Joe, but also embodied the values and lifestyle of those who serve and protect our country.

Their military background played a huge role in the creation of Black Rifle Coffee. They knew the importance of a good cup of coffee when you’re on a mission, and they wanted to bring that level of quality to the civilian market. Plus, let’s be real, the military lifestyle doesn’t exactly lend itself to a leisurely morning coffee routine. You need something that will wake you up and get you going, stat.

The Early Days of Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee officially launched in 2014, but the journey to get there was far from easy. The founders faced numerous challenges, including sourcing high-quality beans and figuring out how to roast them to perfection. But they persevered and eventually, their hard work paid off.

The company’s first products were their signature blends, including “Silencer Smooth” and “AK-47.” And let me tell you, these blends pack a punch. They were a hit with customers and helped establish Black Rifle Coffee as a force to be reckoned with in the coffee industry.

Growth and Expansion

Since its humble beginnings, Black Rifle Coffee has seen tremendous growth and expansion. The company has added new product lines, such as instant coffee and cold brew, to cater to a wider range of customers. They’ve also formed partnerships with other companies that share their values, such as Magpul and Daniel Defense.

But perhaps most impressively, Black Rifle Coffee has expanded internationally, with a strong presence in Canada, the UK, and Australia. Who said Americans were the only ones who could appreciate a good cup of coffee?

The Company’s Impact on the Coffee Industry

When Black Rifle Coffee first started, the founders knew they wanted to do things differently. They wanted to create a brand that didn’t just sell coffee, but also embodied a certain lifestyle and set of values. And they’ve definitely succeeded in that.

Black Rifle Coffee has disrupted the traditional coffee industry with their bold branding and marketing. They’re not afraid to take a stance on issues and they’ve built a loyal fanbase as a result. Plus, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a coffee company that’s not afraid to show off their firearms?

But it’s not just the branding and marketing that sets Black Rifle Coffee apart. They’re also committed to using high-quality beans and roasting them to perfection. So not only do you get a coffee that looks cool, but it also tastes amazing.

Black Rifle Coffee’s Support for the Military and First Responders

One of the things that sets Black Rifle Coffee apart from other companies is their commitment to supporting the military and first responders. They understand the sacrifices these individuals make and they want to give back in any way they can.

The company has a program called “9 Line,” which donates a portion of profits to organizations that support veterans and first responders. They’ve also formed partnerships with organizations such as the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Operations In conclusion, Black Rifle Coffee is more than just a coffee company, it’s a lifestyle brand that embodies the values and experiences of the military and first responders. From its humble beginnings in 2014 to its current success and expansion, the company has made a significant impact on the coffee industry and continues to support and give back to those who serve and protect our country. With high-quality beans and unique blends, Black Rifle Coffee is a cup of coffee that not only wakes you up, but also makes a statement. So next time you need a pick-me-up, grab a cup of Black Rifle Coffee and give a toast to the bad-ass coffee company that is here to stay.

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