7 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Turkish Coffee

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For most people, drinking coffee is an everyday activity. Some people consume it because of its health benefits. But in Turkey, they don’t just drink coffee because they want to. Here, coffee plays an important role in Turkish culture and lifestyle. Until now, the coffee culture is very well known in the country. People seem to prefer Turkish coffee over the likes of Starbucks and Costa.

Although it is known and loved all over the world, not everyone knows the story behind it. Here are 7 interesting facts you didn’t know about Turkish coffee.

Turkish coffee

There is no such thing as Turkish Coffee Beans

Most people think that it is a type of coffee that they can buy from the store and make at home every morning. The truth is that there is no such thing as Turkish coffee beans. In fact, there is no specific type of beans used in making this type of coffee. It can be made with coffee of any roast level. In most cases, they use African or Brazilian beans, but you can use any type of beans you want.

The uniqueness of Turkish coffee lies in its coffee ground size. Unlike other coffee from across the globe, the coffee beans are roasted and finely grounded. It uses a grind size that is finer than espresso and just a slightly coarser grind than Greek coffee.

It is a method of preparing coffee

Turkish coffee is not a type of coffee. Rather, it is a name given to a distinctive method of making coffee. In fact, it is one of the oldest brewing methods known to man.

As mentioned above, the coffee beans are ground to a fine powder. The use of finely ground coffee facilitates better dissolution and very fast extraction time. This gives the coffee its distinctive body. During the brewing process, the coffee grounds are submerged in hot water. It is a manual method of making coffee. No electricity or special equipment is required to brew coffee.

This coffee brewing method originated in Yemen

Because of its name, it is easy to assume that Turkish Coffee originated in Turkey, right? Contrary to popular belief, it originated in Yemen.

Ozdemir Pasha, the Turkish Governor of Yemen, discovered a new beverage in his region. It was a drink made from coffee beans – coffee. He relayed this information to the Sultan, and the Sultan loved the drink so much. Since then, coffee has been very popular in the palace premises. Later on, the general public found out about it.

It is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Turkey

The beverage’s importance in social occasions, its rich communal culture, special preparation and brewing techniques made it worthy of being inscribed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Turkey by UNESCO.

It plays an essential role in Turkish weddings

There are so many traditions in Turkey that involve coffee. Wedding is one of them. Coffee has a very important role in Turkish wedding. Women even use it as a guide to determine whether or not their fiancé will be a good husband.

The groom and his family will visit the bride’s house to ask her hand in marriage. It is customary to serve coffee to the guests. She’ll make a good cup of coffee for everyone. However, the bride will be serving coffee with salt to his potential groom. To prove his manliness, he has to down the coffee without making a face. If he seems to enjoy the coffee, then he’s a gentleman and proves that he truly loves her. The couple is also expected to serve coffee as part of the wedding celebration.

Turkish delight improves the whole experience

In Turkey, it has always been a tradition to serve coffee with sweets and water. 300 years ago, even before sugar was discovered, they would serve dried fruit alongside the coffee. Later on, they have found the perfect accompaniment to coffee – the Turkish delight.

Turkish delight is known to have been produced in Turkey in the 1700s. It is a type of candy that is made of gelatin and fruit juice. It is often packaged and eaten in small cubes. Turkish delight is usually served with Turkish coffee. Since it is sweet, it contrasts the bitterness of the coffee. As you probably already know, this type of coffee is a little on the bitter size. This is perfect for those who consume their coffee black.

They serve it with a glass of water

When you order a cup of Turkish coffee, expect a glass of water to come with it. As mentioned above, it’s an old tradition. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because drinking water helps neutralize the taste in your mouth. It washes out the flavor of the meal you recently consumed, so you can savor the real flavor of coffee. That said, it is recommended to drink a glass of water first before sipping your beverage. Also, water also helps rinse your throat from the unfiltered grains of coffee.

Foam is an important part of the coffee

It is customary to serve Turkish coffee with foam on top. The foam plays an important role in achieving the best-tasting coffee. It imparts a different look and flavor to the beverage.

Stainless, brass, and copper pots are the most favorable materials for this brewing method. Although you can use a sauce pan in making coffee, you won’t be able to produce the same amount of foam. You’ll produce better tasting coffee when you use a traditional Turkish pot.

As with any brewing method, make sure that you use fresh coffee. Stale coffee that is fully degassed tastes bland. Plus, it won’t produce as much foam. It will not make a foam either. When pouring the coffee, make sure that you pour a little in each cup. This way,


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