The Benefits Of Drinking A Cup A Day

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Many people just drink a cup of coffee a day because that is just what they enjoy doing. Some may do it to give them a jump start to the day. What many do not realize is that cup of coffee a day is more then just an energy booster. There are many health benefits that come a long with that cup of coffee that many do not even realize.

Coffee Drinking Benefits


Fat Burning

Caffeine can help you burn fat? According to studies caffeine can increase metabolic rate. If you drink coffee everyday and a lot of it, there is a chance that this will not help you. For those of you who are not regular coffee drinking and are trying to lose weight, I would defiantly suggest adding a cup of coffee onto your diet plan!

Fight Depression

Find yourself dealing with depression? Do not go straight to the drugs. First try caffeine. It has been found to help fight people who are dealing with depression. Even if you are not diagnosed with being depressed and you are just having a bad day that you are down, first try to have a cup of coffee before you have yourself a mental breakdown! Coffee is saving lives around the world.

Improve Physical Performance

Want to have the drive to kick some butt at the gym? Drink a cup of coffee before you go! Caffeine will increase your adrenaline which is your “fight” hormone. This will have you ready to go for a long, hard workout. Another thing that the caffeine will do for you, is stimulate your nervous system. This will send signals to your fat cells to break down your body fat.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

We are all aware that their is no cure for Alzheimer’s, nor Dementia. There are a few ways we can prevent these terrible diseases. First thing you should try and do is eat healthy. The other is drink coffee! Coffee drinkers have a lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of Dementia in the world. So by stopping Alzheimer’s we can stop Dementia one cup of coffee at a time!


Many things can lead up to having liver problems. One thing you can do to stop that is by drinking coffee! Many liver conditions lead to cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is when your liver is being taken over by scar tissue. Coffee can prevent the cirrhosis from happening.


I am sure that it is safe to say we all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer along the way. I know many people that have had to deal with this terrible thing that we all hear way too much about. I feel like everything we do or touch will give us cancer. Nothing is safe anymore! To try and avoid it as much as possible we can drink a cup of coffee. It has been proven that coffee drinking have a lower chance of getting certain cancers. These cancers being, liver and colorectal cancer. There are so many cancers out there, but if it is helping to keep these two cancers away it has to be helping with the other ones too. Either way lets all drink a cup of coffee to be safe!

Live Longer

Death can be a very scary thing for some people to think about. If you are scared of death then you may want to look into drinking a cup of coffee a day to help you feel better about the idea. Coffee has been proven  to extend your expected life time. Since with drinking coffee you have a lower chance of getting a bunch of diseases, your life is expected to be longer. I know I want to have as many years as I can get in.

Makes You Smarter

Do you believe that coffee could actually give you the smarts? Well, you better believe it! When you drink your coffee, the caffeine will travel to your bloodstream, traveling right to the brain! This improves your mood, energy level, mood and your reaction time. Meaning this would all be great to have right before a big test! I know before my next big test I will be drinking a cup of coffee right before!

Drinking coffee has many benefits that are amazing for your overall health and body. Anyway you can stay in the best shape of your life is a good thing to do. All by drinking a cup of coffee you can approve your standard life of living. So, from now on when you wake up the first thing you should do is brew yourself some coffee not just to get you through that day but to help you get through the rest of life! A cup a day will keep your health in shape!

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