How to Roast Coffee Beans with a Gas Grill/Oven at Home

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Are you a coffee addict looking for something fun and easy to do with the beans? How about roasting them? This can be a very enjoyable experience for you, and you can end up with more coffee than you’ll ever imagine at once.

The main advantage to hand roasting your own coffee beans is the different tastes and flavors that you may get from a batch. Sometimes big coffee companies over roast their batches to get the same taste for customers day in and day out. Whether you want to do that is completely up to you, but here’s a simple way on how to roast your coffee beans and a list of what you may need in order for this to work right.

How To: Roast Coffee Beans on Your Stove Top

What You Will Need:

  • A gas grill or stove top
  • Stainless steal popcorn popper
  • A baking sheet
  • Green Coffee Beans (can be from any company, and you want at least 1 pound)

The Process:

  • Preheat your side burner on your grill, you will want as much heat as possible since that’s the only way to get a good roast.
  • Wait about 10-15 minutes to get it as hot as possible, then place your popcorn popper on the burner.
  • Pour your beans into the popper and immediately start stirring the beans with the hand crank.
  • You want to keep doing this for about 15 minutes, checking the color of the beans every so often.
  • The color of the beans will start to turn yellowish, so wait for that to happen.
  •  The beans will also steam like in the picture below:


How Do You Know They’re Done?

This may be the toughest task to roasting your own coffee beans because you can’t just tell that they’re done by their temperature. Like popcorn, you have to listen to the sound of the coffee beans to know if they’re truly done or not. Once the beans start to steam, they’re going to start crackling and popping.

There are two different periods of cracking. The first one is going to sound just like popcorn and the second set is going to sound like cracklings in synch. At that point you know to remove your beans from the heat, and you can also see that the color has changed to a dark brown. If you start to smell as nasty burning smell, you know you have over-roasted, so try to avoid that if you can. Once you get your beans away from heat, you can lay them out on a cookie tray and let them cool.


The Cooling Process

It’s important to let your coffee beans cool for at least a half an hour. After that you may see flakes on the outside of the beans and that’s from the roasting process, and you can easily just swipe them off. Next, you’re going to place the beans into a tupperware container until you’re ready to grind them up for coffee!

How To: Roast Coffee Beans in the Oven


There are several different ways to roast your coffee beans at home, and in the oven is just another way in addition to stove top. If you don’t have a gas grill, or a popcorn popper, the oven will be the next best option, and also the cheapest. Roasting coffee can be a lot of fun, so here’s a few tips on how to do it right:

What You Will Need: 

  • An oven
  • A pound of green coffee beans
  • A spatula (preferably wooden)
  • Cookie baking tray
  • Baking Pan

Preparation For The Roast

  • Preheat your oven to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use a baking pan that’s perforated and spread your beans all over it as so:


The roasting process is very smokey, especially in an oven, so be sure that you are prepared for this! You next step is to place the tray in the oven when it’s done preheating. Just like the gas grilling, you want to be mindful when watching the color of your beans. They will go from a green to eventually a dark brown and that is when you know they’re finished. At least once during the roast, it’s okay to stir around the beans with your spatula.


Just like the grilling method, you’re going to need to listen carefully for the sound of the beans, because there’s no true time estimate for how long this takes. Although, it is the quickest method. You will want to repeat the same process, still checking them regularly. When you hear the second group of crackling, then it’s time to remove them.

Be careful because they’re going to be extremely smokey, so open a door or window beforehand. When you take them out you can take them outdoors to cool, or leave them inside on a cookie tray. When they are completely cool, be sure to knock off the bean flaking and place them in a tupperware container. You can store them until you’re ready to grind them up as well.

Whether you choose the grill/stove top method or oven roasting, both will give you an abundant amount of roasted coffee that you can grind and enjoy! They’re fairly simple to follow and give you great results. Enjoy!

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