Recycling Coffee Grounds

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Find yourself having a lot of extra coffee grounds that you are just throwing out? Recycle them! You may have never known some of the surprising things that you can do with coffee grounds. Do not throw your coffee grounds out, whatever you do. They can be very beneficial to many things in your life that you never may have even thought of or realized.


Worms love coffee grounds. Now you may not love them, because I know I do not. But worms a great add to your soil. They bring all of there nutrients to your soil. They fertilize your soil without buying all the expensive stuff at the store. Coffee grounds also can change the color of your flowers. Your flowers pH level changes the color of some of your flowers. If you add the coffee grounds, it will reduce the level of pH and they will turn a bright blue.

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Want to get rid of those dark circles we all get and dread? Instead of spending an arm and a leg trying to find something to work in Sephora, try coffee grounds. They will take away the dark circles under your eyes. Or add all over your face to reduce redness and tighten your skin Also for your hair, coffee grounds can take away all the oil and build up that you have. Add the coffee grounds into your shampoo and conditioner and rub throughout your hair. If you have blonde hair you may want to stay away from this because it can darken your hair. You can make deodorizing soaps. An easy thing to make and just adds a little extra to your usual soap. You can also make coffee scrubs out of it, which you can see more about here; //

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If your dog has fleas, do not spend all that money for those medicines. You can give them a coffee ground bath. Add it to your dogs shampoo and see if it works. Just something to try before you spend more then you have to. Every have your neighbors cat roaming into your gardens? No need to get mad anymore. Just add coffee grounds and an orange peel to where you do not want them trespassing. Cats are not a fan of that so they will not come anywhere near.

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Put away all of your harsh chemical cleaning products. Coffee grounds will do the job. Coffee grounds will clean your garbage disposer. It helps to keep it fresh and fully cleaned throughout. Your fireplace can be a mess, but coffee grounds can help fix that. Take damp coffee grounds and put them into the fireplace. It will take away the ash and the usual cloud of dust you get. You can unclog your sink with the help of coffee grounds. Just by adding coffee grounds, boiling water and dish soap. Lastly, you can clean your hands. Adding using something like garlic or onions you feel like that smell is just stuck on you for the rest of the day. Just like what most people do with lemon to get that smell away, you can do with coffee. The best part about using coffee grounds, is that you will smell like coffee!

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Now start gathering your coffee grounds and put  them to use! Even ask your neighbors or your local coffee shop, if they do not do anything with their coffee grounds when they are done tell them how you can put them to use! You can do magical things with your recycled coffee beans!

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