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DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super big 2

The De’longhi Esam3300 super-programmed coffee machine receives the bean-to blend framework whereby, at a push of a catch, espresso beans are grounded and fermenting happens promptly after. Crushing your espresso beans quickly before preparing makes for uncommonly great tasting espresso on the grounds that greatest freshness and fragrance from the beans are attained.

The bean container on top holds almost 9 ounces of beans, which encourage into the coordinated espresso processor. The machine utilizes an expert excellent stainless steel funnel shaped processor, which has 13 settings for drudgery coarseness.

The choice to utilize preground espresso is likewise made accessible by utilizing the bypass doser. Ground espresso is put into the administering unit placed on the top and pressing the by-pass doser catch (on the front control board) advises the machine to avoid the crushing process and brew utilizing the espresso grinds. Drinking decaf isn’t an issue with the Esam3300 Maginifica.

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Water Tank

The water tank for this coffee machine holds 60 ounces and is removable from the front which considers simple access. The playing point with this outline over those with a vertical lift tank or those with a refill cover at the top is that it abstains from needing to move the machine out from under a bureau each one time the tank is refilled. There is a marker light on the front board which flashes to alarm you at whatever point the tank is out of water or the tank is out or not legitimately situated.

Warming System & Pressure

The De’longhi Esam3300 Magnifica super programmed coffee machine is constructed with two stainless steel boilers and usesthermal piece innovation permitting it to rapidly warm and keep up the predictable ideal fermenting temperature paying little mind to the interim time between containers of espresso.

Two Boilers

Despite the fact that there are two boilers, the unit just has one pump which creates 15 bar of blend weight. Being a solitary pump coffee machine, it can’t at the same time brew and foam your milk. Frequently, there is a slight hold up time when changing from preparing to steaming your milk with single heater, coffee machines, in any case, having two boilers take out this unnecessary hold up time to a base, it is just about a moment.

Steaming Wand

The Esam3300 utilizes a panarello steaming wand to foam milk. Its effective steam makes micro-froth perfectly for cappuccinos and lattes. You may need to play around with it a little on the off chance that you need to do latte craftsmanship in light of the fact that it makes a ton of micro-froth!

The wand swings sideways up to 180 degrees yet doesn’t lift vertically, which makes it marginally hard to utilize bigger milk holders to foam milk. High temp water administers from the wand when utilizing it amid blend mode. This permits you to make tea in the event that you wish.

Before utilization, make a point to cleanse any consolidated water inside the wand by turning the steam on a couple of seconds until the water stops and just steam is leaving the wand. Moreover, once completed, blow steam through the wand to clean within any leftover milk. Thusly, you’ll keep away from dried, hardened up milk from obstructing the wand which would diminish the steam weight. And additionally that, it is likewise a wellbeing issue in light of the fact that dried milk harbors microbes.

Front Panel Controls

All the controls are arranged on the front board of the machine. They are essentially all you require to make a mug of coffee and are exceptionally instinctive to work. The controls are non-advanced which make the machine less inclined to electronic breakdowns and significantly lessens the expectation to absorb information as they aren’t as entangled as programmable computerized controls.

There are five settings for espresso dose and four settings for container size. Individual settings can be spared with computerized controls, be that as it may, you will need to recall the position on the dials with these manual controls. The De’longhi Esam3300 does make a rich layer of cream in this way, by knowing your own individual settings, it will reliably convey a great shot for you each one time.

Pros and Cons


  • Reliable and manufactured to last.
  • Internal designs made with great quality materials.
  • Start up time is short of what 2 minutes.
  • Option to utilize pre-ground espresso.
  • 3 hour auto closes off for security.
  • The controls are natural and easy to work.


  • Noisy while pounding beans.
  • Have to slide the entire water tank out before refilling.
  • Plastic steam handle is a bit firm to turn so mind must be enjoyed else it will break.

Customer Review

The customers have given 4.0 out of 5 stars.

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This is a highly recommended product. Due to its durability, you can trust it for a long time.