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We always insist that quality coffee is not just about the process. Quality coffee is about the coffee maker used in the brewing process. Life is too short to drink low-quality Cappuccino. It is why we have written this review on the Jura espresso machine. After reading this review, you will know which coffee maker is best for you and which will give you value for money.

What is the Jura 15068

The Jura 15068 is a Jura espresso machine that is renowned world over for its quality and exemplary design. It is considered the ‘mother’ of all coffee makers. A Swiss company makes this product under the Jura brand. Its origin alone is enough to inform one that this product is a high-quality product. Using the Jura espresso machine as instructed is the key to making quality coffee. We are not talking of ordinary coffee, but one with a distinct taste that will give you the adrenaline required to make it through a challenging day.

Using the Jura Espresso Machine

The first step to using this coffee maker is by understanding the precautionary measures that one must take. These are;Always use the handles or knobs when using this machine

  • Do not immerse power cords in water as this increase the risk of been electrocuted
  • Children should use Jura espresso machines while under close supervision
  • Always unplug from the power source if not in use
  • It should not be used outdoors
  • The cord should never hang over the edges or touch hot surfaces
  • The appliance should only be used for making coffee


  • One should not try to disassemble the machine
  • The appliance should not be put in a dishwasher neither should the individual parts
  • Avoid touching hot parts

When Using the Jura Espresso Machine

When using the Jura espresso machine for the first time, decide whether to use the Blue filter cartridge. The hardness of the water should guide you on whether to use a filter cartridge. If the water is ten DH or more, then the blue filter cartridge should be used.

To determine the hardness, use the Aquadur test strip. Hold the strip in running water for around 1 second and then wait for 60 seconds. After sixty seconds, read water hardness based on the test strip instructions in the packaging. Do this by comparing the level of discoloration from the Aquador.

Preparing Coffee

The same way you will prepare coffee is the same way you will prepare your espresso. Once the machine is on, set it to coffee mode. The first step is to place a cup under the coffee spout. Turn the Rotary switch to “COFFEE” mode then press the Rotary Switch. When pressed, the brewing process starts and stops automatically.

Descaling the Water Tank

Descaling will help remove Lime scale deposits, and this will help in improving the efficiency of the machine. The first step is to remove the water tank and the Blue filter cartridge if available. Use a mild descaling agent to descale the tank. Rinse the tank thoroughly. Once rinsed, fill the tank with cold water and reinsert it back in the Jura espresso machine.

Product Specs

If you are looking for a Jura espresso machine that gives your kitchen some level of sophistication, then the Jura 15068 is what one should have. It has an impressive design and comes in black. It boasts of a combination of compact Dimensions and striking clean lines. To ensure it is easy to use, it uses a one switch operating concept that uses a smart rotary switch.

Unlike other coffee makers, this Jura espresso machine can accommodate different sizes of cups as the height can be adjusted between 2.5-4.4 inches. Its amazing capabilities do not end here; it uses a revolutionary fin foam technology that gives your coffee a unique milk foam quality.

Other unique features include an energy saver mode that makes the use of this machine economical due to reduced electricity consumption. It uses a Thermo block heating system and a hot water function.  All these features make this Jura espresso machine a masterpiece.


The price of this product is around 999 dollars. The product can be found on Amazon Prime.

How it compares

To ensure that we give you an unbiased review, we picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. These products are;

  • Jura 15109
  • Jura 15097
  • Jura 15070

Comparison Table

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Jura 15068

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Ease of Use

The main feature that makes this machine easy to use is a one-switch operating feature. It has a smart rotary switch that enables one to switch between different operational modes. Other features that make it easy to use is an automatic switch off feature and an energy saving mode.  Its height-adjustable coffee spout makes it possible for one to use the machine with cups of different sizes.

Assembly Time

When evaluating the assembly time, we looked at several factors such as rinsing the machine for it to be ready for the next cycle. We also evaluated the time it would take to rinse foam frother and to insert and activate a filter. One would require at least four steps to clean a bean container and at least five steps to descale a water tank.

Design Quality

The design of this Jura espresso machine is exemplary as it has compact dimensions that make it classy. It is designed in such a way it has a height-adjustable coffee spout.


Information about the warranty can be found on the manufacturer’s website.


  • It is an automatic Jura espresso machine
  • Simple to use
  • Boasts of an excellent foam technology
  • Has a grinder for whole beans


  • It is noisy
  • It is expensive

Jura 15109

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It would be unfair to fail to include the Jura E8 into this review. It boasts of modern design and comes in black. Buttons on the front make it easy-to-use thanks to a TFT display. The TFT display is easy to read, and it has designed buttons for various uses such as cappuccino and coffee. This coffee maker boasts of quality craftsmanship in its design, and this gives your kitchen a sophisticated look.

It boasts of a state-of-the-art technology that makes it possible to preserve the rich aroma produced by your favorite coffee beans. It has a six-level aroma G3 Grinder, and this enables the machine to grind faster than conventional grinders.

Ease of Use

Using this Jura espresso machine is easy. One feature that makes it easy to use is the TFT display that has buttons for various functionalities.  It also boasts of 12 programmable specialties that enhance the efficiency of this coffee maker.

Assembly Time

In making coffee, this Jura espresso machine has a high-performance pump that improves the assembly time. A six-level aroma grinder ensures that coffee beans are ground faster than other coffee makers in the market.

Design Quality

The machine has a modern design, and it increases the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen. It is designed to operate on 1450 watts of electricity.


Information about the warranty can be found on the manufacturer’s website.


  • Boasts of a built-in frother
  • Has an automatic hot water rinse
  • Has a G3 grinder
  • Makes exemplary coffee
  • Makes all kinds of coffee


  • Technological issues occur
  • It is not cheap
  • Some products may be defective

Jura 15097

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This coffee maker comes in chrome. It has a modern design that is sleek and attractive. One main feature of this coffee maker is that it has a TFT color display system that makes it easy to use. From the TFT, one can choose from options such as an espresso, coffee, Ristretto, and hot water. Other unique features include 12 programmable specialties and eight programmable levels of coffee.

To ensure the assembly time is efficient, it has a 6- Level Aroma G3 grinder that enables it to grind faster than its competitors.  It is easy to use the E8 as it can prepare two cups of coffee at the same time. This improves the efficiency of the machine and as a result, reduces the time spent used in brewing coffee. This machine boasts of an integrated rinsing and cleaning feature that makes it easy to clean.

Ease of Use

Because of its TFT color display, using this machine is simple and self-explanatory. Its water reservoir has a capacity of 64 ounces, and this means it can be used for an extended period before it is refilled. An integrated rinsing and cleaning feature makes it easy to clean, and this helps in maintaining hygiene. Another feature that makes it easy to use is an intelligent water system with an automatic filter detection mechanism.

Assembly Time

It boasts of a pulse extraction process that speeds up the extraction time.  Another feature that speeds up the assembly time is the six-level Aroma G3 grinder.

Design Quality

It is designed in such a way that amber cup illumination is produced during the brewing process to ensure the coffee is presented in a desirable form. Milk preparation results to a white cup illumination.


It comes with a one-year warranty


  • Adds aesthetic beauty to your kitchen
  • It is a fast brewer


  • Some units are defective
  • Made of low-quality materials

Jura 15070

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One unique feature of the 15070 is that it can make six specialty drinks from coffee, two Espresso, milk foam, and two coffees. This coffee maker boasts of easy-to-use controls that enable the user to enjoy features such as a customized brew option.

This Jura espresso machine boasts of a pulse extraction process that enables you to brew quality coffee rich in delicious flavors. To add sugar to honey, it has an eight coffee strength level feature to fine-tune each cup. It would be an injustice to fail to mention that this machine has a G3 grinder that is quiet and 60 percent more efficient.

Ease of Use

This is a strategic coffee maker as it can make six specialty drinks with ease. This is ideal as one does not have to buy special equipment to make their favorite drink. It also has unique controls to make it easy for one to operate the machine.

Assembly Time

It boasts of a quiet G3 grinder that is 60% more efficient than other coffee grinders. This coffee maker can make two cups of coffee and this improves the assembly time.

Design Quality

This coffee maker comes in a sleek, intuitive design that incorporates state-of-the-art technology in its design. It boasts of an Amber cup illumination when brewing coffee and a white cup illumination when preparing milk.


This product comes with a two-year warranty


  • They make exemplary coffee
  • It is a fast brewer
  • Can be controlled by a smartphone


  • Technical issues arise when using Bluetooth
  • Some products are defective


From our review, the Jura 15070 carries the day. This Jura espresso machine boast of beneficial features especially to the tech survey generation. This is because one can control the machine from the comfort of their phone via Bluetooth. Other reasons it carried the day is because of its simplicity and its ability to make excellent coffee.

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