History Of Coffee

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Ever look at your freshly roasted cup of coffee and wonder how it ended up in your cup? The history of the coffee bean takes us back a long, long time ago. One little bean from a tree somewhere, turns into a black cup of coffee that we all turn to in the mornings!

The coffee bean was discovered in Ethiopia in the 11th century. It was discovered by an apparent goat herder that was named Kadli. He saw his goats eating what looked to be a cherry. He then tried it, realizing that it was clearly not a cherry. After eating one of these apparent ‘berries’ he very quickly realized the affects that it caused to the human. He was energized and feeling good. The coffee bean found its way around the world from then on.


Image Source: coffecrossroads.com

Coffee very quickly became the thing everyone wanted to get their hands on. Coffeehouses were beginning to show up everywhere. Everyone could afford the coffee too, because the cups were only one cent. The coffeehouses became known as the ‘penny universities”. In New York, they traded their beer in for the new and amazing coffee. New Yorkers are known for their average of 7 cups of coffee a day.

Coffee plat smuggling became a new popular thing. It was what everyone needed to get in order to be able to get their desired cup of coffee. People become dependent on their morning cup of coffee. Coffee was not even available in other parts of the world at one point. No coffee plants existed in most parts of the world until after the 1600’s. Before the 1600’s the only place the coffee plant could be found was in Africa and Arabia. The first cup of a modern cup of coffee was originated in Arabia. The Arabians were in charge of the market to the coffee crops.  Coffee bean trading became a new and upcoming thing.


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The first cup of coffee was apparently brewed not much differently then how we get a cup of coffee today. The purposed for the cup of coffee were different though. The cup of coffee was used for a couple different way for different reasons. For the Muslims it was used a lot for religious reasons. Some people looked upon this. People then accepted it more when it was deemed a “Christian drink”. In the revolutionary war many would drink excessive amounts so they had enough energy.

The history of coffee has evolved since the 11th century. I am sure that it is no where near being done either. Now a days we have all of these fancy machines to brew us the cup of coffee we all love so much, but no one seems to know where it even came from. When you are done reading this, go to your coffee drinking friends and see how much they actually knew about what they drink everyday.


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