Green Coffee Bean: Does It Really Help for Weight Loss?

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Green coffee bean has gained quite a buzz after being featured on “The Dr. Oz Show”. Dr. Oz touted the product on his show, claiming that it could help people lose weight, even without diet and exercise. Because of the media attention, a lot of websites have been started selling green coffee pills. Just like that, it became one of the most popular weight loss supplements in the market.

America loves coffee. In fact, most people couldn’t get by without at least one cup of coffee a day. Some even drink an average of 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day. The velvety aroma and that wonderful rush of energy and alertness make it our go-to beverage. Aside from that, a cup of joe also offers several health benefits, including reducing risk of certain types of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Type II Diabetes, improve energy levels and even make you happier. Considering these benefits, along with the promise of helping you shed some pounds, it is no surprise that this product got the people’s attention.

But before you buy and consume green coffee, you might want to learn more about this product to determine whether or not it is safe and if it does live up to its promises. If you are one of those who are hoping to give this product a try, then we urge you to read on.

In this blog post, however, we’re going to focus on the coffee bean itself, not on the weight loss supplements. Here, we’ll try to answer the question a lot of people are dying to know the answer to. Does green coffee bean help people lose weight? Read on to find out.

What is green coffee bean?

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Green coffee beans are the seeds of coffea plant that have not yet been roasted. They are actually the same as the ones we use for brewing coffee. The only difference is that they are not yet roasted. They also smell and taste different from roasted coffee beans.

When coffee beans are roasted, they change in color. Their final color depends on its roast level. The longer the beans are roasted, the darker they become. This is why coffee beans range from brown to black.

Does it really help you lose weight?

Obesity has been cited as a major health issue in the United States. Studies revealed that 68% of American adults are considered obese or overweight. Because losing weight isn’t easy, a lot of people were tempted to try some supplements to make the process a lot easier. The sales of coffee beans extract skyrocketed as a result.

Does green coffee extract help you lose weight? This is the question thousands and thousands of people have been asking since they found out about this product.

There have been several studies on how it aids in weight loss. Researchers revealed that green coffee beans contain an active compound called chlorogenic acid, which may help you lose weight. Some studies reveal that it inhibits weight gain by lowering blood sugar levels and reducing the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract. While these are scientific proofs that it does work, most of them were tested on animals.

A randomized clinical trial conducted in 2012 reported significant weight loss in a group of participants who consumed about 200 mg of green coffee beans extract on a regular basis. The said study was conducted on 30 overweight individuals. One group consumed regular coffee; while the other group consumed coffee that is enriched with coffee bean extract.

Participants were asked not to make any changes in their diet, and to keep a diet journal. By the end of the study, it was found that the group that consumed green coffee lost 11.9 lbs. as compared to the 3.7 pounds in the other group.

The result of this study is truly amazing, but was criticized later on because it was conducted by the company that manufactures these weight loss supplements. As of today, there are still not enough studies to prove that it really works.

Green coffee benefits


We are all aware of the health benefits of drinking black coffee. But as it turns out, drinking green coffee is actually beneficial for our overall health.

Green coffee beverages are made from raw and unroasted coffee beans. Listed below are some of the health benefits we can get from green coffee.

  • Improved cognitive function
  • Reduction of high blood pressure
  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces blood sugar level
  • Reduces effects of free radicals
  • Detoxification
  • Reduces levels of bad cholesterol
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Rich in antioxidants

According to studies, it is caffeine and chlorogenic acid that is found in green coffee that is responsible for all these amazing benefits.

Green coffee bean side effects


Green coffee bean extract has lower caffeine content as compared to roasted coffee beans. But just like traditional black coffee, excessive consumption of green coffee can cause some side effects. Symptoms often include anxiety, upset stomach, headache, nervousness, irregular heartbeat and ringing in the ears.  To prevent these side effects, it is best to limit the amount you consume per day.

Final thoughts

The rate of obesity in American adults and teenagers continues to rise. That said, the demand for weight loss supplements are on the rise. The race to put out the latest and the hottest product is fast and furious. To prove this, the weight loss industry sells over $100 million in products a day.

With all these new products coming out, we highly recommend that you do your homework and learn more about these products before you test them out. We understand that you want to be thinner and healthier, but sometimes, these products can do more harm than good.

We’re still not certain whether or not green coffee bean does aid in weight loss. But if you’re really serious about shedding a few pounds, proper diet and exercise is the key. Or better yet, take it in coffee form instead. In case it doesn’t help you achieve your target weight, at least you know that you’re getting a lot of health benefits out of it.

Try switching your morning cup of joe with green coffee. Let us know in the comments section how it went and if did help you lose weight.

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