Features to Look for in a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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The United States is one of the leading consumers of coffee in the world, consuming about 400 million cups of coffee a day. Despite the increasing demand for gourmet and specialty coffee, more and more Americans are enjoying making coffee at home, thanks to proliferation of affordable and easy to use coffee machines. Coffee lovers from all over the country seem to gravitate towards the bean to cup coffee machine.

Bean to cup coffee machine comes with a whole host of benefits. Convenience is one of them. With most people living a crazy schedule, it’s not surprising to know that many people prefer the convenience of a bean to cup coffee machine. These coffee equipments are exactly what they sound like. Whole coffee beans go in, and fresh coffee comes out.

Want to make freshly brewed coffee a part of your daily routine? If so, consider investing on a bean to cup coffee. But before you go out there and start shopping for a coffee machine, we encourage you to read this blog post. Here, we have put together a list of essential features you would want in a bean to cup coffee machine. These features will not only make the brewing process easier, having these features will ensure that you come up with best quality coffee possible at the comfort of your own home.

Jura GIGA X9 Professional-C Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Milk frother

If you are someone who enjoys drinking lattes or cappuccinos, investing on a coffee machine with a milk frother would be a great option for you. With this feature, you’ll be able to play barista at home and make any type of coffee drink you want.

Most coffee machines come with a steam wand that can be used for frothing milk. Some people, however, find this a bit of a hassle. If this is you, we suggest that you get a coffee maker with an integrated automatic milk frother. This provides a quicker way to froth milk. Simply fill the milk tank and push the button. The machine will do the frothing for you.

Coffee bean grinder

There is nothing wrong with buying pre-ground coffee beans. It’s more convenient and saves you a lot of time. Plus, it is a great option for those who don’t have a grinder. However, it can have a direct effect on how your coffee tastes like.

If you are a coffee fanatic, you know that the grinder is one of the most important equipment in making coffee. Sure, you can make good tasting coffee with pre-ground beans. But if you want to make the most of your coffee’s deliciousness, we highly recommend brewing with freshly ground coffee.

A bean to cup coffee machine with a built in grinder is a great investment for busy professionals who are always on the go. With this machine, you can make a delicious cup of coffee in a jiffy. Plus, the beans are grounded just a few seconds before it is extracted to your cup. There is nothing better than a cup of coffee brewed from freshly ground beans. You will never go back to grounds again once you’ve taken your first sip of coffee made from whole beans.

Thermoblock heating

Most people start their day with a cup of coffee. Some people, however, are in a hurry to get to the office that they would just grab their tumbler and head out the door. If this is you, we suggest getting a bean to cup coffee maker with thermoblock heating.

Thermal blocks are a block of metal with a small passage that allows water to pass through. The cold water from the water tank is pulled through the block. This block is heated using its electrical heating element. By the time the water exits the thermal block, it should have reached the desired temperature. With this feature, your coffee machine won’t take as long to heat up for brewing or steaming.

Cleaning features

Bean to cup coffee machine is a great choice for coffee aficionados who wants to create an appetizing and aromatic espresso at a push of a button. However, cleaning this machine can be quite a chore. The good news is that most modern machines provide more cleaning automations. In fact, many of them have cleaning programs that can handle much of the manual cleaning. Automatic rinsing and descaling programs are quite common. Cleaning will be much easier, but there is still some cleaning required.

Convenience come at a price, so expect to pay a premium price for these types of coffee machines. With built-in cleaning systems, your machine will stay cleaner over longer periods.

Coffee customization

Everyone has their own coffee taste and preferences. Some people want their coffee strong; while others like milky coffee.

If you are looking for a truly professional experience at home, a bean to cup coffee machine would be a viable option for you. One of the best things about these coffee machines is that they allow you to experiment with various temperatures, milk content, strengths and so on. You can tailor your caffeine jolt the way you like it. Simply enter your desired setting and the machine will make coffee exactly how you like it at a touch of a button.

Final thoughts

You don’t need a fancy espresso machine in order to make great tasting coffee at home. In fact, you can get a bean to cup coffee machine for only $200. Of course, the price can vary widely from model to model. While these machines perform the same basic functions, the more expensive models come with more advanced features. Top-of-the-line models may even cost you a few thousand dollars.

If you are ready to get your hands on a bean to cup coffee machine, this blog post may be of help. Priced at less than $1,000, these coffee machines provide outstanding value for almost every coffee connoisseur. Remember, paying more doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll get amazing results.

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