Coffee Trends You Can’t Miss!

Cold brew coffee

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With cafes and micro roasteries opening in increasingly diverse places and more consumers learning about coffee, the coffee industry growth shows no signs of slowing. Over the years, we’ve also been introduced to new and innovative coffee trends.

This year, coffee trends in the United States include an increased consumption among all age demographics. Surprisingly, it is the younger consumers who are leading the charge. With the rise in popularity of specialty coffee comes a growing demand for innovative products and new coffee trends.

Together, let’s dive into the trendiest coffee trends that are brewing currently. Some of these trends have actually been in existence before, but they have risen in popularity this year.

Here are 5 coffee trends you shouldn’t miss this year.

Coffee and tea combination

Dirty Chai

For centuries, we’ve been under the assumption that coffee and tea are two different entities that shouldn’t be mixed together. Today, however, people are mixing tea and coffee. And believe it or not, people are actually enjoying it. The end result is similar to that of Hong Kong’s coffee-tea or Yin Yang beverage. It strikes the balance between the smooth flavor of tea and the bold taste of coffee.

Coffee – green tea elixir and chai – coffee concoction are two of the most common coffee and tea blends. The caffeine content in both coffee and tea acts as a stimulant, while green tea acts as a fat-burning component. The combination of the two morning kick-starters will give you full-bodied, sweet and hearty combination.

While there are plenty of other combinations and varieties, you can’t just go off mixing whatever coffee or tea you want. The key to perfecting this coffee trend is not to let the coffee or tea overpower its counterpart.

Coffee in a cone

Coffee in a cone

Coffee in a cone is exactly what the name says. Coffee beverage such as espresso or cappuccino is placed in a chocolate-covered cone. It combines 3 of the best things in life – coffee, chocolate, and wafer. To ensure that the cone is leak proof, innovator Dayne Levinard coated the coan in a special chocolate compound. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes before the chocolate starts to melt. So make sure that you have consumed your coffee by then.

This concept was developed in order to bring some excitement and much needed innovation into the coffee industry. With its unique concept and a coffee-dessert hybrid, coffee in a cup easily became a big hit among people, young and old.

It has been tagged as the world’s most Instagrammable coffee, which makes it a huge hit among young adults. Environmentally friendly individuals also liked the idea considering that it’s zero waste.

You get your caffeine fix through the espresso or cappuccino and then eat the chocolate-coated cone afterwards. It’s like having coffee and a cookie, but even better.

Nitro coffee

Nitro coffee

Nitro coffee has been in existence since 2012. But it was only this year that people started to pay attention to this strange thing. Typically, the icy brew is stored in a keg, pressurized and comes straight from the tap.

This affects the taste and texture of the coffee. In fact, everybody is going crazy over it. This coffee beverage is smoother and slightly sweeter as compared to the regular cold brew.

The idea of nitro coffee came up in a coffee hub in Austria called The Queens Kickshaw. During that time, the barista and the owner of the coffee shop were arguing as to how they can keep up with the growing demand of iced coffee. Owner, Ben Sandler, joked about pushing coffee through the draft system to make things a lot easier. Later did they realize that it was actually a brilliant idea.

As it turns out, The Queens Kickshaw has actually invented one of the biggest coffee trends of 2018. This kind of iced coffee has been popping up just about everywhere. It’s crazy!

Ready-to-drink coffee

Ready-to-drink coffee

Today, our world has become more fast-paced than ever. Because of the on-the-go environment we became accustomed to, people are constantly looking for more convenient options. They rarely sit around. Rather, they want everything to be done in an instant. That includes their morning coffee. They want their coffee ready as soon as possible; thus, the rise of ready-to-drink coffee.

Busy professionals and working parents loved the idea of ready-to-drink coffee. These beverages come in cans or bottles. That means you can easily grab them and slip them in your bag. Plus, you can have your caffeine fix while travelling for business, carting kids around or on your way to work. Ultimately, they are readily available in your local grocery stores.

Now that juices and sodas begin to lose popularity, experts have predicted that the sales of ready-to-drink will rise to $116 billion by 2024.

Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee

Cold brew has exploded in popularity over the last few years. It has been a big hit among younger drinkers, specifically those aged 14 to 40 years old. Most teenagers don’t drink regular coffee yet. But since cold brews are offered in a variety of recipes and are usually sweeter than traditional coffee, it makes it an appealing drink option for this demographic.

Cold brew is taking specialty coffee to the general market. This has been the go-to caffeine beverage of those who are looking for an extra kick of caffeine and individuals looking for a refreshing pick me up in the hot, summer days.

The coffee beverage is made without using a heat source. A lot of people use the term interchangeably with iced coffee. They may have a similar concept, but they are 2 completely different beverages. The difference lies in the temperature.

Iced coffee involves the use of regular coffee, which is then cooled down. Ice is poured over the beverage and is served cold. Cold brew, on the other hand, is brewed cold. It is never heated. Here, coffee grounds are steeped in room temperature water. The concoction is left for about 24 hours and then diluted with water. Cold brew is like iced coffee’s cooler sibling.

Cold brew is one of the biggest coffee trends this summer. In fact, it has taken over both local coffee shops and grocery stores by storm. Even Starbucks have confirmed that their sales have increased significantly since they introduced cold brew in their stores.

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