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For many, a good cup of coffee in the morning is an absolute necessity. That is why coffee makers are a staple in households throughout the world. Braun is a global consumer products company that makes many electronic products for your home, including coffee makers for your kitchen. In the following review, we will evaluate and compare some of these Braun coffee makers.

We will provide an overview of their specifications, highlight their price points, and compare a few similar models. We will give each model ratings based on important characteristics for buyers. In the end, we will present a final review and buying recommendation.

What Is a Braun Coffee Maker?

A Braun coffee maker is a machine used for making coffee. Braun’s machines have a unique style and use modern technology to make each use a pleasant experience. This company offers products intended for both coffee enthusiasts and more casual coffee drinkers who prefer high-quality machines.

Product Specs

Each Braun coffee maker is designed with flavor and appearance in mind. Its models share a sleek, modern design that is meant to complement other kitchen appliances. Braun coffee makers have a PureFlavor system that maximizes the flavor from each coffee bean. Each of its machines has an LED display with buttons that can be used to customize the brew cycle, set a timer, start and stop brewing, and perform other tasks. Braun coffee makers come with a two-year or three-year warranty.


Braun coffee makers have a range of prices. The company’s more basic models can be purchased for around $70, while its higher-end models range from $120 to $160. You can purchase these machines on Amazon and other sites, in many retail stores like Bloomingdale’s and Best Buy, and also directly from the manufacturer’s website.

How It Compares

We compared four different coffee makers that all carry the Braun name.

DeLonghi America Braun KF7175 Braun Sense Thermal Drip Coffee Maker

Braun KF7170SI BrewSense Drip Coffeemaker

Braun KF520 CafeHouse Coffee Maker

Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

This machine features a two-tone, stainless steel-and-black design. It has a carafe lid that captures flavor as well as an anti-drip system that allows those who want coffee immediately to pour a cup in the middle of brewing without spilling. The 24-hour programmable timer can be set so that a cup of coffee is ready at the exact moment a coffee drinker most needs it. The coffee maker’s brew strength indicator lets users choose between “regular” and “bold,” giving them complete control over the taste of their coffee.

Price          $

The KF7150BK can be purchased for around $70, putting it on the lower end of the comparable models for price.

Ease of Use                                 5/5

The LED panel is easy to read and use. Controlling a range of variables from warmer activity to coffee temperature is a breeze. The automatic timer is easy to set. There is minimal setup time, and maintenance is simple as well.

Performance                             5/5

Our reviewers raved that this machine makes some of the best coffee they’ve ever tasted, and some noted that it functions like a top-of-the-line model each and every time they use it.

Design Quality                               3/5

Overall, many people like this coffee maker’s modern design. The water reservoir and the coffee carafe have special lids that collect steam and return it to the pot, reducing condensation in the kitchen. However, one flaw is that the water level indicator is inside the water reservoir, and it can’t be seenclearly when pouring water.

Warranty                                        4/5

According to the Braun website, the KF7150BK has a three-year warranty. If there are any problems, the company will replace the machine. However, Braun only allows one replacement within the warranty period, and some have complained this machine required replacement multiple times within that period.


  • Top-of-the-line coffee quality
  • Compact design takes up minimal counter space
  • Special condensation-reducing lid means no ruined cabinets


  • Water level indicator inside the reservoir makes adding water a pain
  • Some evaporation issues, so the ratio of grounds to water might be slightly off
  • Questionable durability; might need to be replaced within a short amount of time

DeLonghi America Braun KF7175 Braun Sense Thermal Drip Coffee Maker

This machine features a stainless-steel carafe that keeps coffee hot for up to six hours. It offers a brew strength selector (with “bold” and “regular” settings) and a 1-4 cup button for brewing smaller servings. It has a graceful design with a simple-to-use control panel and convenient cord storage. Instead of a traditional paper coffee filter, this machine uses a Braun gold tone filter to increase flavor by allowing essential oils to flow into the cup.

Price (Approximate only)                                $$$

The KF7175 is not cheap. With a purchase price $130, it’s on the higher end of the scale compared to the other models we chose to compare.

Ease of Use                                3/5

This machine is easy to clean and has simple yet effective timing features, but adding and measuring water is not as simple as these steps could be if designed differently. Some users commented that it’s difficult to pour without spilling, and that they had to come up with special methods of working around this or continue to deal with it each time they used the machine.

Performance                             5/5

As with many Braun coffee makers, the quality of coffee produced by this machine is excellent. The coffee stays hot and fresh-tasting for a long time.

Design Quality                               2.5/5

The KF7175 Braun coffee maker’s clean, modern design looks good in any kitchen. That being said, some claim the machine is not durable. Additionally, there are some major design quirks: there is a small opening on the back of the reservoir that is difficult to pour water into without spilling. It’s also hard to read the water level indicator when adding water. Finally, the carafe must be turned upside down to get the liquid completely out.

Warranty                                       4/5

Braun offers a three-year warranty on the KF7175, but the machine can only be replaced once within the three-year period.


  • Makes delicious coffee
  • Good for both small and large servings


  • Design leads to some messes, spilling, and frustrated users
  • Not the design quality expected of an expensive unit in some respects

Braun KF7170SI BrewSense Drip Coffeemaker

This Braun coffee maker model features a stainless steel design with an extra-wide LED display. Its PureFlavor system brings out the most taste in each cup of coffee. The carafe lid further serves to seal in flavor by minimizing the exposure to air. The anti-drip system allows users to pull the coffee maker out mid-cycle without creating a mess. Finally, the automatic 24-hour timer helps each user choose the exact time to start making a perfect cup of coffee.

Price (Approximate only)             $$

With a purchase price around $100, the KF7170S is in the middle of the pack of comparable models.

Ease of Use                                  4/5

Users love this Braun coffee machine’s intuitive controls, and brewing is as easy as pressing the “Brew” button. It’s also very easy to clean. However, setting the brew time is not as easy as with some other machines; you need to hit a few buttons in a certain order before beginning. Also, it’s hard to avoid spilling when filling the machine with water.

Performance                             5/5

The KF7170S brews strong, aromatic coffee. No matter if you use the “Bold” setting or if you just like normal coffee under the “Regular” setting, this machine is designed to make a good cup.

Design Quality            4/5

The machine’s stainless steel design is durable and good-looking. It is well-made except that some people don’t like its small reservoir for adding water.

Warranty                                       4/5

Braun offers a three-year warranty on the KF7170SI, but the machine can only be replaced once within the three-year period.


  • Very quiet while using and no beeping when brewing is finished
  • Brews quickly – less than ten minutes
  • Temperature control for the perfect brew


  • “Auto Off” defaults to “Inactive” every time the machine is turned on
  • Filling the small water reservoir can lead to spills
  • More expensive than similar models

Braun KF520 CafeHouse Coffee Maker

This machine features an OptiBrew System that regulates temperature for a perfect-tasting brew. It also has a water filtration system that reduces chlorine and improves flavor. For convenience, it has a no-slip handle and a filter release button. One important note is that the KF520 uses a 220-volt power system, which means it is not compatible in the United States.

Price (Approximate only)                 $

With a purchase price around $75, the KF520 is in the lower end of the range relative to the Braun coffee makers we have chosen to compare.

Ease of Use                                  5/5

This coffee maker is very easy to use. Pouring is convenient, and the handle does not slip when you use it. It can also be cleanedwithout much fuss. The machine automatically turns off after 40 minutes, so you can make a cup and get on the run without worrying.

Performance                             5/5

This machine brews a tasty cup of coffee very quickly. It precisely determines the correct amount of water, water temperature and time needed for perfect coffee flavor.

Design Quality                               4/5

The non-slip handle makes pouring smooth. It has a water filtration system that prevents harmful chemicals from building up inside the unit, extending its product life. The machine is durable and often lasts for years without any problems. However, its plastic design makes it look less sturdy than its counterparts.

Warranty                                        3.5/5

This Braun coffee maker offers a two-year warranty, but the KF520 can only be replaced once within the two-year period.


  • Continues to make great coffee for a long time
  • Pours with no leaking
  • Perfect water-to-coffee ratio and temperature


  • 220-volt machine, which can’t be used in the USA
  • The cord is too short, making it difficult to plug in
  • Cheap-looking design
  • Simply designed, yet in the price range of higher-end models


Overall, Braun’s products receive good reviews from customers, and our research and observations support those positive reviews. Braun coffee makers are known for adding style to a kitchen and for relative ease of use, and they all make delicious coffee. You can’t go wrong with one of these machines.

Braun KF7150BK

Relative to its competitors, the Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker offers excellent quality at a lower cost. While it does have a poorly designed water level indicator that troubles some users and might not have the greatest long-term durability, it delivers a sleek look, takes up little space, is easy to use, and makes some of the best coffee you can find from a drip machine. We give the Braun KF7150BK a 4.5/5 overall rating, and we recommend it as a solid buying decision for your kitchen.

Braun KF7170SI

The KF7170SI is another excellent model, brewing excellent coffee quickly and quietly. But it does have a few minor flaws: a timer that is not as user-friendly as other models, an “Auto Off” feature that resets, and a reservoir for filling water that is smaller than it should be. This Braun coffee maker is in a higher price range than the KF7150BK, and yet we believe it does not seem to offer additional value to substantiate the price difference. Overall, we give this model a 4/5 rating.

Braun KF520

While the KF520 is a great choice for many, it has received many poor reviews from users in the United States because it isn’t compatible with American power outlets. Thus, it has a limited audience, and we believe this should factor into its overall rating. Nonetheless, it is highly durable and does not leak. We give this model a 3.5/5 rating overall.

Braun KF7175

The KF7175 is the most expensive of all the models we have reviewed, and yet it suffers from major design issues. It’s hard to pour water into the reservoir without spilling, and it’s difficult to read the water level indicator when adding water. Also, getting liquid out of the carafe is a challenging task for many. Some positive factors are that this machine keeps coffee hot for up to six hours and it has an option for small servings. And, it brews delicious coffee. Overall, we give the KF7175 a 3/5.

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