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If you’re seeking a simple and elegant solution for reliably enjoying your coffee to the fullest, look no further than the Bodum French Press line. Coffee enthusiasts the world over have long known the value of French Press. This method of coffee brewing is simple, and a sure way to get the most flavor out of your favorite high-quality coffee beans. 

If you can read, boil water, and assemble three basic parts, you too can join the ranks of French Press Lovers. To help you shop smart, we have reviewed the top four models produced by Bordum French Press–one of the most reputable, popular, and long-lasting makers of these fine coffee makers.

Comparison Table

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What Is the Bodum French Press?

Bodum French Press is one of the most enduring manufacturers of French Press style coffee makers for a reason. Their product line is broad, with offerings for everyone from the casual coffee drinker to the purist who can’t stand the sight of a stray ground.

Product Specs  

The Bodum Brazil French Press has a maximum capacity of 1 liter or 34 ounces (8 standard cups). This makes it easy to brew for the whole family or office, or just yourself in the morning. Using this Bodum French Press model is a cinch, even for those who have never made French Press coffee. The process is as simple as grinding beans, heating water, using the hand-operated press, and allowing your beverage to cool. 

cup of coffee

The machine itself is made of three pre-assembled component parts that easily fit together and come apart just as simply for cleaning by hand or dishwasher. With only three basic parts, you won’t need a blueprint to assemble and use the Bodum Brazil French Press.


The Bodum Brazil French Press is arguably the most bang for your buck, particularly if you’re seeking a simple and cost-effective solution for your coffee needs. Those wishing to take advantage of Bodum’s products may find them on Currently, it is available for $17-$25.

No matter where you decide to purchase your Bodum French Press, even the prices at the higher end are remarkably efficient compared to alternative brewing methods such as the K-cup or even the traditional percolator coffee makers.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available from Bodum French Press to see how they compare with the Bodum Brazil French Press. Bodum French Press has offerings for every set of needs and level of experience. Check out our guide below to see how the Bodum Brazil French Press compares with these three similar models.    

  • Bodum Brazil French Press
  • Bodum Chambord
  • Espro P3 Glass French Press Coffee Maker
  • Espro Press P7 Stainless Steel French Press

Bodum Brazil French Press

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Smart shoppers can score the Bodum Brazil French Press for $17-25. Amazon Prime users may find the highest level of savings including free shipping. Regardless of the retailer, the Bodum Brazil French Press is among the most affordable French Press systems on the market. Compared to the price of competing systems, or particularly buying coffee by the cup, the device pays for itself in short order.

Ease Of Use

Using the Bodum Brazil French Press is so simple that those who haven’t yet made the French Press switch will be wondering why not. The device itself may arrive pre-assembled, but if it doesn’t, you only have three basic parts to concern yourself with. Packaging includes a diagram that won’t leave you scratching your head, so you can get right to enjoying the coffee roast of your choice. This Bodum French Press offering is especially well-known for preserving flavors, including dark roasts.

Design Quality

While the Bodum Brazil French Press’s design is user-friendly, its component parts are not top of the line. After all. That said, with proper care and understanding of how to properly make French Press coffee, there is no reason that this device cannot last you for months or even years.

Easy To Clean

With only three parts to contend with, cleaning the Bodum Brazil French Press is a snap. In fact, only the press-action disassembles into more than one part, allowing for thorough cleaning of the screen. When you’re done, the mesh filter slides right back into place. For even less fuss, simply place parts into the dishwasher.


  • Affordable on any budget 
  • User-friendly for the French Press novice
  • Simple to use and clean for easy casual use


  • Plastic parts are more easily broken with improper use
  • Durability is questionable
  • Glassware cannot sustain boiling water temperatures

Bodum Chambord

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The Bodum Chambord is similar to the Bodum Brazil French Press by most technical specifications. It has a similar 8-cup capacity, though is available in both smaller and larger sizes as well. The Chambord is available in a variety of sizes and styles, and buyers must be aware of the key features they seek when exploring this model. Not every feature, such as chrome plated parts, is universal to every option. Let’s take a look at how the Bodum Chambord compares to other models, with a particular focus on its closest competitor: the Bodum Brazil French Press.

The Bodum Chambord can be easily found for $, depending on your retailer. It is available at big box stores including Walmart, as well as online retailers such as and Sur La Table.

Ease Of Use

Using this product is nearly an identical experience to the Bodum Brazil French Press. Some users may have more difficulty with the mesh filter, as it breaks into three parts rather than the two seen in the Bodum Brazil French Press. While using the product is easy, ensuring you’re selecting the right product for your needs is the challenge with the Chambord model.

Design Quality

The design improvements are the Bodum Chambord’s most obvious improvements over the Bodum Brazil French Press. That said, if design and durability are major concerns for you, be aware that these improvements aren’t that dramatic. If you’re after sleek design and additional features, don’t forget to review our last two comparison options.

Easy To Clean

All parts are dishwasher safe, making this Bodum French Press offering as simple to clean as the Bodum Brazil French Press. Users may find that the parts are more durable than its cheaper counterpart as the Bodum Chambord makes greater use of metal components where the Bodum Brazil French Press uses plastic elements. That said, this device has more individual parts. An inexperienced French Press User may find these more challenging to clean or disassemble.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Dishwasher-safe with replacement parts available in the event of breakage
  • Chrome plated parts may be more durable than plastic parts


  • The price increase does not offer substantially more features than the cheaper Bodum Brazil French Press model
  • Multiple sizes and prices may create confusion
  • Chrome-plated parts are not universal to the Chambord line
  • Models without chrome plated parts are not a profound improvement over the Bodum Brazil French Press model

Espro P3 Glass French Press Coffee Maker

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The Espro P3 by Bodum French Press is an upgraded model that includes some additional features and design improvements to justify its higher pricetag. Each Espro P3 comes pre-fitted with dual filters to catch every last bit of grounds, ensuring you won’t have any grit left in your cup. This versatile model also comes with three separate filter types, allowing for cold-brew, tea, and drip coffee on top of the traditional French Press method, with filters for each included.

The Espro P3 also boasts ultra-thick glass with caging to make the device more break-resistant and a free bamboo stirrer that is gentle on the glassware, further prolonging the device’s durability. This model may be more appropriate to those who are already devoted to the French Press, or coffee drinkers with high expectations and refined palettes.

Prices begin at approximately $ for the complete starter kit described above. Prices may be higher for those ordering additional parts.

Ease Of Use

For the various types of functionality, no single element of the Bodum French Press Espro P3 is particularly difficult to handle. For ordinary French Press, it is comparable to other models. Learning to use the additional filter types may be a challenge to those unfamiliar with cold-brew, press tea, or the Espro P3’s other possibilities.

Design Quality

Bodum French Press thought of nearly everything when designing this product. The result is a high-end, flexible, durable model that could last even the most avid coffee drinker for years. These improvements are about more than looks. Of the blind flavor samples we tried, this design rated the highest of all products discussed here.

Easy To Clean

More parts always mean a learning curve with cleaning. However, once you have mastered your preferences with your Epsro P3, cleaning is not necessarily difficult. Like other models, the Espro 3 is dishwasher safe. It may take longer to get familiar with the Espro P3’s parts and how frequently you use each, but cleaning is straightforward once you have done it once or twice.


  • Flavor preserved with no grit from ultra-fine filters
  • Design massively improved for durability and versatility.
  • Highly durable thicker glass carafe, 
  • Bundle options include additional tools
  • 3 filter choices allow you to customize your coffee
  • An innovative filter with patent pending
  • Most affordable of Bodum French Press’s higher-end models


  • Less affordable than the Bodum Brazil French Press or Bodum Chambord
  • More complex parts requiring a greater level of understanding to get full use of
  • Cleaning may be more challenging to new French Press users

Espro Press P7 Stainless Steel French Press

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Bodum French Press’s Espro P7 is the model for the coffee connoisseur seeking a truly premium cup. It is similar to the Espro 3 but offers additional features. The advancements unique to the Espro Press P7 include vacuum seals to retain the heat of your coffee or tea, a customized sealed lip to prevent spillage and grit from escaping through the ultra-fine filter and an ultra-durable full stainless steel exterior.

As Bodum French Press’s top-of-the-line product, the Espro Press P7 has a price tag to match. Fortunately, based on our research, the coffee fanatics who do splurge on this item will find they get what they pay for in terms of design quality, reliability, and a consistently luxurious experience.

Ease Of Use

This model is certainly for the pros, making it less user-friendly than its cheaper counterparts.

Design Quality

The high price tag for this model is justified by its design advances. Bodum French Press has clearly put a great deal of thought, research, and development into the design improvements.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning the Espro  P7 is only as difficult as your use for it is sophisticated. If you’re making primarily French Press, the process will be easier. If you’re taking advantage of all of the device’s features, you will have more parts to separate and clean. One area where this model excels is in terms of external cleaning: stainless steel is among the easiest surfaces in the world to clean within seconds.


  • Additional features unique to this model make it both diverse and practical
  • Stainless steel body is aesthetically pleasing and easier to clean than traditional glass
  • Vacuum insulation keeps every pot of coffee or tea you brew warm for hours
  • An additional product bundle is identical to the Espro 3’s, complete with scoop and bamboo spoon
  • Most durable of all models presented here, with no glass or breakable parts.


  • Cost may be prohibitive for more casual coffee drinkers
  • Design not substantially more useful than the  Espro P3 despite double the cost
  • Extremely steep price for a French press device, even when compared with other manufacturers.
  • Additional features may be too much for those seeking a simpler coffee-making experience


Bodum French Press no doubt offers something for everyone with a passion for coffee. Ultimately, we believe the most popular model, the Bodum Brazil French Press, is likely to be the best purchase for the average coffee drinker. For those with higher expectations, greater experience with French Press devices, devotion to getting the very most flavor out of every cup, or a desire for a consistently luxurious cup of coffee, the Espro P3 is our top pick.

Overall Rating For the Bodum Brazil French Press: 4/5 StarsOverall Rating For Bodum French Press as a Company: 5/5 Stars

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