Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine Under $1,000

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If you love good coffee, you probably dream of preparing authentic espresso right at your home or office. In this case, you need a real espresso machine. But first, you need to consider your morning routine and how often you’ll use the equipment. If you are ready to commit to your espresso but you have little to no barista skills, a super automatic espresso machine is the right one for you.

A super automatic espresso machine is perfect for latte and espresso drinkers out there who are usually rushing out the door. This machine will do almost everything for you – from coffee running and dosing to tamping and steaming milk to dumping espresso into a cup.  It will whip up lattes right into your cup with just a touch of a button. It’s like having your own personal barista right in your kitchen.

An espresso maker can be a large purchase. The good ones can be really expensive. That said, you can’t just choose the first machine you see in your local store. We know you’re excited to bring home this super machine and start making a great cup of coffee at the comfort of your home. But before you go out there and start shopping for a coffee maker, make sure you do your research. To make the most out of your purchase, you want the best of both worlds – excellent espresso and convenience in one.

Here’s our roundup of the best super automatic espresso machine under 1,000 dollars.

Jura Impressa C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

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Price: $999

Jura is one of those brands people run into when they’re looking for a reliable coffee machine. The Impressa C65 is one of the best super automatics from this brand. In fact, this model easily outdoes some of its competitors.

The Impressa C65 is an impressive coffee machine that comes in a compact design. It produces some of the best quality coffee. Plus, it comes with a high performance grinder, which is powerful enough to deliver perfectly grounded coffee while still preserving the right aroma and flavor.

One of the most loved features about the C65 is its one-switch operating concept. It is designed to be easy to program and care for. Instead of featuring lots of knobs to turn and buttons to press, this machine comes with just one switch that controls almost everything. Everything can be done with just a push of a button. To further enhance its operation, the C65 comes with 11 language settings, temperature controls and other features.

An energy saving mode is also added to the machine, so you can save some precious power while enjoying your espresso. It also comes with an adjustable spout for splash-free experience.

Delonghi ECAM 23210B Super Automatic Coffee Machine

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Price: $938

The ECAM 23210B is one of the smallest super automatic coffee machines in the market. This is ideal for coffee lovers out there with limited counter space. Since it has a small form factor, it won’t take up too much space. It can easily fit in just about any kitchen. But don’t let its size lure you into thinking that it doesn’t produce good quality coffee. In fact, this machine will allow you to brew aroma-rich and flavorful coffee that tastes even better than the ones that are produced in more expensive machines.

The ECAM 23210B is a sleek attractive espresso maker that is equipped with features that are found in some of the larger, more expensive models. Features include a cup warmer, professional quality burr grinder, energy saver mode, removable water tank, and intuitive interface. It also comes with a hot water dispenser, which can be beneficial for non-coffee drinkers in your home.

Saeco Intelia Deluxe HD8759 Super Automatic Machine

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Price: $900

If you want a good-looking machine that is efficient and easy to use, look no further than the Intelia Deluxe. This is a fully automatic machine. This means it does everything for you. It produces excellent shots of espresso with minimal effort. Housed in a stainless steel body, this machine will blend in well in most kitchens.

The machine features a built-in ceramic grinder with 10 grind settings and 5 strength settings. Want more control? The Intelia Deluxe got you covered. Additional control is provided over strength, temperature, and water volume. It allows you to make your milk as hot and frothy as you want. It also has an LED display that lets you customize your drink. You can also choose your dosage level and volume for your espresso shot.

The Intelia Deluxe is a user-friendly espresso maker. In fact, even a novice coffee lover will be able to make a fresh cup of coffee with a simple push of a button.

Krups EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Price: $552

The Krups EA8250 is a compact, fully automated espresso machine with an extremely quick brewing time. Thanks to its patented Compact ThermoBlock System, this machine delivers piping hot coffee in less than 2 minutes. Mind you, the quality of its coffee is excellent. This is the perfect machine for those who want top quality coffee with no fuss.

Despite being a lower model, the Krups EA8250 has features that are certainly superior than its competitors. It is equipped with a metallic, conical grinder that ensures consistent grounded beans. This machine also comes with a large, sealed bean hopper to ensure that the coffee beans do not lose its flavor.

We all know that regular cleaning should be a part of your maintenance task. Not only will make your machine last longer, it will also crucial to producing great-tasting coffee. If you are a busy individual who don’t have time to clean their machine, this one’s for you. It is a automated cleaning machine, so you don’t have to take part in the cleaning process. It boasts of an exclusive system, which does not require any manual involvement.

Overall, the Krups EA8250 is an affordable machine that comes with all the features you want in a super automatic espresso machine.

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